The WER or Window Energy Rating is a scheme designed to help customers select the most efficient combination of Frame and glazing to suit their budget.

Like household appliances, windows will be rated from a G (least efficient) to an A (most efficient) rating depending on how much heat they will retain in your home.
To prove that they are genuinely offering the rating stated, the Installer should be able to provide a certificate to confirm the rating of the frames.

From October 2010 all manufacturers are required to provide an energy rating for their frames which will allow you to select the rating which suits your needs and your budget.

It's unlikely that you'll need to replace the door as it may simply need adjusting or a lock replacement.
If you'd like to give us a call we're happy to discuss the options with you.

Older systems do not always benefit from the advances made over recent years in frame manufacture.

Modern UPVc frames now have more internal cavities to allow them to trap heat more efficiently.
Clients often see a major improvement between existing older UPVc and the newer ranges now available on the market. Advances in Glazing manufacture also play a large part, with systems such as Planitherm Total+ designed to lessen cold spots on windows, they're designed to make your home far more comfortable no matter how large the glass panes are.

By installing newer double glazed units with energy efficient glass; market leading ‘warm edge spacer' and Argon Gas which acts as extra insulation in glass units, you should also see a marked improvement in your gas bills!

Over time double glazed units become less effective at keeping out the moisture. This happens when the desiccant granules inside the spacer bar have absorbed the maximum water possible. From this point any moisture that makes its way into the unit will show on the inside as fog or condensation. At this point it's generally recommended to replace the unit with a new double glazed pane which will fit into your existing frame.

It's unlikely that you'll need to replace your frame. Providing it remains in good condition, you can simply replace the double glazed unit which has ‘broken down' with a new glazed unit.

That's not always necessary - We offer a service where we can take a look at the problem and advise on the cost of repair if this is an option. Sometimes it can be a simple case of changing the hinges or the locking mechanism to allow your window a new lease of life and save the cost of a new frame

UPVc Doors are prone to swell and contract depending on the weather conditions. A Woodgrain effect door usually suffers from this more than a White door due to the darker colours absorbing heat more easily. However, by adjusting the door on its hinges we can rectify the problem and have your door working properly again.

If your key is sticking in the lock you are better to deal with the issue now rather than risk the expense of an emergency locksmith further down the line. A new barrel may be all that is needed to make your lock work perfectly. Contact us for details.