Timber FAQs

Timber Windows and Doors are measured according to U Values

U Value's measure how 'insulated' your frames are and how much heat is escaping from your home - the lower the figure the better the performance.

Make sure when you're being quoted for the U Value of your windows/doors that the figure you're given is a 'overall' figure for both the Glass and the Frame.

All too often clients are mislead by being given only the glazing U Value, which gives an inaccurate view of how efficient the combined frame and glazed panel will perform.

When first fitted, your timber door is set up to close to perfectly and the handle should feel comfortable to use, although firm to lift when engaging the lock. Over time you may notice that engaging the lock is becoming a little more difficult, and if this happens we ask you to call us as soon as you notice a difference.

All that's happened is that the door has settled a little on its hinges and in doing so the lock is moving slightly out of line - causing the difficulty. We'll send our engineer out to site and he will adjust the hinges to lift the door sash back into line. We never, ever have to plane or alter our door sashes as they are manufactured to offer the perfect amount of tolerance to open and close. So the adjustment is only ever on the hinges and easily completed within an hour or so.

All timber windows are made to measure and can be manufactured to match the dimensions of the transom drop and mullion positions on your current windows. We always aim to show the same level of timber around the surrounds as you have at present (wherever possible).

The sashes within the windows are generally slightly wider than those holding single glazed panes as the newer sashes need to accommodate a double glazed unit, but this isn't an issue for most of our clients.

Our greatest compliment is when clients say that they frames don't look as if they've ever been changed - apart from the fact that they're now in perfect condition and don't let in the draughts. The other main difference of course is that they can now open the windows which is not always the case with their older frames.

We have saved many beautiful stains from extinction by salvaging them, renovating them and inserting them into new triple glazed units to fit into new frames.

Its detailed work and takes a little longer to do, but the results are beautiful and our clients are love to see them reinstalled into their original home.

We're often asked whether we can put the stained panels back into a double glazed unit so that the stained element is still on the outside face.

Unfortunately the stained panels are not fully weatherproof, so the unit would break down very quickly and you'd be left with a moisture ridden unit that would deteriorate very quickly.

By encapsulating the stained panel inside an inner and outer pane, the unit is fully weather proof and you'll get to enjoy your stained panels for years to come.